South East Surveys was formed in 1989 when a number of individually owned, privately run, surveying practices joined forces, primarily in order to improve the services offered to mortgage lenders. This amalgamation proved successful and the organisation has attracted other like-minded firms which has resulted in South East Surveys currently having over 20 offices giving full coverage of South East England.

Many lenders have seen the benefits that South East Surveys offer and the company has many panel appointments.

One of the great strengths of this company is that it is truly independent and not wholly or partially owned by any of the large insurance companies, banks or building societies. This means that instructions where conflicts of interest are likely to arise are minimal and the valuers can give totally impartial advice, which is what most lenders require.

A further strength of the company is that we are able to offer a high quality service. All valuation and survey work is undertaken, or personally supervised, by the individual Directors who are well established within their local area, and who have vital local knowledge. Our surveyors therefore do not practice in areas that they are not familiar with. As all work is undertaken, or personally supervised by Directors who have a vested interest in the development of their own practices, this facilitates closer working relationships and rapport between the surveying practices and our lender clients. This also ensures that all surveyors are fully familiar with our clients’ lending and property criteria.

South East Surveys recognises the importance of offering a quality service, providing a rapid turnaround of instructions and keeping the lenders advised as to case progress. The company has also produced its own internal quality control manual, much of which was in response to a questionnaire sent out to lenders.

In addition to taking instructions by post, telephone or fax, South East Surveys is also able to accept instructions electronically. The company has invested in the Quest System which allows lenders to electronically instruct and receive valuation reports through Quest Associates. This system lends to much greater efficiency and increases the speed of service of the valuation process.

Further information regarding the Quest System can be obtained by selecting the link below.